West Virginia Promise scholarship

How much is the West Virginia Promise scholarship worth?

Starting with the 2022-23 academic year, the Promise Scholarship will pay $5,000 per year or the cost of tuition and mandatory fees, whichever is less, at any eligible institution. The award payment will be made directly to the eligible four-year and two year West Virginia college or university of your choice.

Does West Virginia University give out scholarships?

West Virginia University in Morgantown disbursed more than $133 million in scholarships in 2019-2020. Scholarships are a type of gift aid. They are offered based on a variety of criteria such as academic merit, financial need, leadership, and service.

What is the Bucklew scholarship?

The Bucklew Scholarship is given to 20 high-achieving West Virginia students accepted to the University and qualifies them to be considered for the Foundation Scholarship, WVU’s highest academic scholarship.

How many people get the WV Promise scholarship?

Brain Weingart, senior director of financial aid for the West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission, said these changes were made when they saw the number of students who would qualify was much lower than previous years. Before the changes were made, about 1,600 seniors qualified for the scholarship.

What SAT score do you need for Promise scholarship?

SAT Requirement – 1100 Total Score, 530 Evidence Based Reading and Writing, 520 Math. o Last test dates to qualify for 2021: ACT- August 2021; SAT- August 2021. o Must achieve an eligible score on test sitting.

How do you get a scholarship to WVU?

To be considered for WVU scholarships, students must be admitted by June 1, 2022. Students admitted prior to this date have until June 1, 2022 to submit updated official transcripts or test scores. Test scores are automatically processed when sent to WVU.

Does WVU have a legacy program?

WVU alumni and their families are part of our family. That’s why the WVU Alumni Association is proud to offer our Legacy Scholarship Program. The Legacy program benefits family members of alumni who want to attend WVU.

How hard is it to get the Promise scholarship?

Approximately one out of five promise programs have financial need criteria and one out of seven programs require students to meet a minimum level of attendance in high school.

What is the West Virginia Higher Education Grant?

The West Virginia Higher Education Grant is a need-based financial aid program designed to ensure West Virginia students with financial need are given an opportunity to pursue post-secondary education.

What do you need for Promise?

SAT composite score – 1080 (regularly 1100); SAT Evidenced-Based Reading and Writing score – 510 (regularly 530); SAT Math score – 510 (regularly 520).

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