How to get legon admission without stress

How do I Get Admission to Legon if I Do Not Meet the Cut Off Point?
Interested applicants who are not sure of their grades are mostly advised to buy Legon forms as well as other institutions, just in case Legon rejects their admission or gives them another programme.

I Passed my WASSCE but Legon did not Pick Me, Why?

If you passed your WASSCE but got rejected by Legon, it may be due to the required cut off point for the programme you applied for. You need to refer to the cut off point for Legon to check.

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How Do I Calculate my WASSCE Grades to Check Cut off Point for Legon?
To calculate your WASSCE grades to determine if you meet the cutoff point for Legon, you need to sum up the numerical value of your three core subjects and two electives. As soon as you derive a total, kindly compare it with all the various cut off points for your desired program.

What is the last grade for Legon?

The last grade or minimum cut off point for Legon is 24. This is mostly for programmes offered by the University of Ghana City Campus. Some of these programmes include Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bachelor of Arts and Physical Sciences. You can find more course from the list of programmes and their respective cut off points below.

What is the cut off point for Medicine in Legon?

The cut-off point for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is 7. Students who are admitted for this programme are mostly from Science specialised courses in high school.

The University of Ghana Cut-off points for 2022/2023
Below is a complete table of University of Ghana Cut-off points for 2022/2023

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