How the Ivy League Schools Exam Will Be Changed in 2022

Applications for the US Ivy League schools for the 2022 academic year have been changed in light of recent changes to the admissions process. A student previously had to be accepted into a single school to be allowed to apply to all of them, but now students can apply to multiple schools if they choose. These changes may make it less likely that students will commit early on and will therefore reduce the likelihood of rejection while increasing their chances of admission.

How the Ivy League Schools Exam Will Be Changed in 2022

In order to maintain the prestige of their programs, the Ivy League schools have announced changes to the application process for their undergraduate degrees.

Starting in 2022, applicants will no longer need to submit SAT or ACT scores. Instead, they will be required to submit a portfolio of their work and demonstrate how they would contribute to the school’s community.

The admissions process will also change to account for this new requirement. Applicants will now need to submit three letters of recommendation and a personal essay.

These changes are meant to make the Ivy League Schools more selective and ensure that only the best students are applying.

What Other Changes in A New Exam?

1. Newly Approved Changes to the US Ivy League Schools Exam

Recently, the US Ivy League schools have approved changes to their admissions exam. This new exam will replace the current SAT and ACT exams. The new exam will be more demanding and cover a broader range of topics.

2. Changes in Application Process

Along with the change in the admissions exam, the application process has also been changed. Previously, applicants had to submit either the SAT or ACT test scores along with their application. Now, applicants will also need to submit a letter of recommendation and transcripts from all colleges they have attended.

3. New Deadline for Submitting Applications

The deadline for submitting applications has been changed to December 1st. This allows applicants more time to prepare for the new exam and application process.

The Application Process at Ivy League Schools

The application process for US Ivy League schools is changing for the upcoming 2019-2020 admissions cycle.

Current applicants must submit a online application and a fee. They must also submit either the SAT or ACT. The new application process will only require the submission of the GRE if you are applying to a doctoral program.

There are several ways to apply to an Ivy League school. You can apply directly through the schools’ website, through a college or university you are already attending, or through a special application portal run by one of the Ivies.

The new application process will be available starting in early September 2019. If you are currently enrolled in an Ivy League school, you will be able to use the new application process starting in October 2019.


As the admissions season for US Ivy League schools heats up, many prospective students are wondering about the application process changes. The most recent change comes to the essay question, which will now be in the form of a response to a prompt rather than an original piece of writing. Prospective students will also have the opportunity to submit additional letters of recommendation and take optional SAT or ACT tests. If you’re looking for more information on these and other Ivy League admission requirements, be sure to check out our blog post on the topic!

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